Who is Reading With Giggles & Games for?

Reading With Giggles & Games is designed primarily for 3-8 year olds who want to learn to read. The program begins at a beginner level, so children need no prior knowledge to start. Children can learn to read using this program no matter what their age is.


       Who developed Reading With Giggles & Games?

The Reading With Giggles & Games program was been developed by Patty Tew, MEd. an educator with over thirty years of experience in the classroom teaching children to read. It focuses on a core reading curriculum of skills and strategies which are essential for extraordinary reading success.


       How will I know that my child is making progress?

You will be amazed at how quickly your child will learn with the program. Families who have used the Reading With Giggles & Games recognize that this program is significantly different an better than traditional methods they have tried with their older children


       Why do children love it?

We have worked hard to make this the best online website for young children. It has everything that children love to do online. The games, the songs, the variety of activities and the many rewards all work together to make learning to read an exciting, fun and enjoyable experience. And young children love learning to read. 


       Who do I call if I need technical help?

You can contact our friendly customer service staff Toll Free on 1-877-670-LEARN (5327) or email us at Support@ReadingWithGigglesAndGames.com


       How do I purchase Reading With Giggles & Games online?

To purchase Reading With Giggles & Games online simply click HERE.




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