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Here's What You Get

(110 Lessons) "Look, I Can Read!" Digital Lessons 


Easy to use systematic lesson guides for the adult, and reading practice pages for the child. Lesson plans include step-by-step guide of what to say and do plus reinforcement, review, and remediation games and activities.

The "Look, I Can Read" Lesson Guides provides a total of 110 fun and effective reading lessons a $150.00 Value

Includes 29 Giggle Along Alphabet Songs


Songs teach letter phonemes, rhyming, mnemonic devices for remembering the sound and shape of the letters, reading strategies, and other lesson related fun songs. $19.95 Value

Book of Song Lyrics

Online and printable lyrics to the songs provide neurological impress, left-to-right, one-to-one and  return sweep experiences as the child and adult follow along with the words to the songs. The words to the songs provide introduction and practice with sight words and letter phonemes. A reinforcing lively game or activity accompanies each song.

 $49.95 Value

Animated Online Videos of the Giggle Along Alphabet Songs and Lyrics

These fun videos correspond directly with the "Look I Can Read Guidebook" $59.95 Value  (Kid's Favorite)

112 Online and Printable Mini-Books


Provides reading practice for newly learned skills, learned from each lesson in the "Look I Can Read!" Lesson Guides. $25.95 Value

59 Online and Printable Sight Words


These Sight Words correspond directly with the "Look I Can Read!" Online Lesson Guides. $14.25 Value


29 Online and Printable Letter Sound Flash Cards

Corresponds to the lessons from the Lesson Guides. $9.95 Value


120 Online and Printable Activity Worksheets


Reinforces and extends reading skills through reading, writing, and drawing activities. Increased phonemic awareness and involves multiple modalities to aid the learning process. $69.95 Value


   Kindergarten Teacher Loves the Reading With Giggles & Games System


Reading With Giggles & Games system is licensed by the classroom


Just $499.00 Per Class/     Per School Year   



Unlimited access to the materials for one classroom

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Reading With Giggles & Games accelerates and empowers learning. The Reading With Giggles & Games System is the premier early reader training system available in the marketplace today because it helps young learners learn to read more quickly and easily than any other approach. The system was created to provide compelling, useful and effective reading education training tools to help families and teachers teach young students to read through side-by-side and online interactive training tools. It is our mission to become the dominant provider of learn to read products and services in the world within the next ten years.






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