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Our "Reading with Giggles and Games" program has accelerated thousands of children as beginning readers to the second and third grade reading level in less than 120 days.

Those Using "Look I Can Read" Reading with Giggles and Games System are:

      Parents and Grandparents of 3 to 7 year old children that want to accelerate or remediate their children's ability to learn to read.

          • Professional Elementary Public or Private School Teachers

      Pre-School Teachers

      Home Schools

What You Will Find in �ReadingwithGiggles and Games.com

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      4.) Fresh content is added regularly including podcast interviews with other research scientist, other experts, how-to instructional articles and audio dealing with current hot topics.

For over 25 years, Patty Tew, M.Ed. has been teaching young readers to read. At first she employed traditional methods, but soon realized that the old fashioned approach just wasn't working as she hoped that it would. Little-by-little, she observed that some things that she tried worked much better than others. She began to document these teaching strategies, and over time, developed a novel and unique curriculum and methodology to teach young readers to read, in far less time and with far less frustration than her peers using traditional methods.

       Patty Montgomery is the originator of the Reading with Giggles and Games system and is passionate about helping young students learn to read.

       She has taught elementary school since 1984 and earned her Master's Degree in Teaching and Learning from Brigham Young University in 1990. Her emphasis was in instructional Science and she helped develop and test phonics instruction.

       She authored over 100 beginning readers in the process. She was an assistant professor doing research on the Neurological Impress Method of teaching reading.

Patty was employed by IBM as an Educational Consultant to a team working on a computer based Neurological Impress Method reading program. Knowing that no two children learn exactly alike, Patty has formulated and systemized a combination of the best practices in teaching reading. Her extensive training in using music to teach reading has been instrumental in creating this powerful reading method.

Through experience, Patty found that children learn best when they are actively involved, and learn more permanently and quickly when music is included. ARTS Inc. (Artistic Resources for Teachers and Student) selected Mrs. Montgomery as Outstanding Arts-in-education Teacher for the State of Utah in 1999.

Mrs. Tew has taught thousands of children to read using the system that has been perfected and proven over the years. Parents, educators, and administrators are all enthusiastic supporters of Reading with Giggles and Games, which combines phonics and side-by-side reading (the neurological impress method), integrated with music, games, and humor to provide the perfect balance needed to help young children learn to read.

How Reading with Giggles and Games System Works

The Reading with Giggles and Games Learn-To-Read System works in a dramatically effective way because it uses several proprietary learning strategies in combination, that create an ideal learning state in the mind and body of the student.

No other system combines these learning strategies in the same way and no other system has been able to demonstrate more effective learning results. The children are happier, they learn faster and their teachers and parents are amazed at how much more quickly these students learn to read than other students who are taught with other outmoded, traditional teaching methods.


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